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Camera, Lenses and taking PICTURES

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Like most photographers I enjoy owning and using the best cameras and lenses that I can afford but is it really necessary to spend thousands of dollars on equipment to produce pictures or can it be done, and done well, with much less.

The photographer takes/makes the picture, the camera and lenses are only tools to enable him or here to reproduce what was see into two dimensional images. It is said that a good photographer can make good pictures with any camera.

Much of the equipment I use would be considered obsolete by those who figure that everytime a manufacturer brings out a new gadget they must upgrade. I still use the above camera (Canon 10D - 6MP) it gives great picture and is super reliable. I also like to use its younger sister the Canon 40D. To me a camera is not obsolete until the day it stop doing what I want it to do, that is record images, in the way I choose.

I have most recently added to my armoury, the Fuji X Pro1 and a number of lenses. It is a most usable camera, with HQ images being produced. Lightweight, sturdy and super pin sharp lenses give me a great street and travel camera.

Taken with a Canon 10D

Following taken with the X Pro1

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