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Nikon 24-120 f4 VR

I have been using the new Nikon 24-120mm f/4 VR for a while and I am very impressed by this lens as a versatile option for full-frame cameras. It covers a wide range of focal lengths and delivers excellent performance in sharpness, autofocus, and image stabilization. One of the features that I appreciate is the close focusing capability of this lens, which allows me to capture small details with a magnification of 0.24x, or about 1:4, at any zoom setting. This is very useful for shooting flowers, insects, jewellery, or anything that requires a close-up view. The minimum focus distance is only 45cm (1.5′), which is remarkable for a zoom lens of this range.

The colour and contrast of the images produced by this lens are also superb. The colours are vibrant, and the contrast is well-balanced, giving the images a pleasing pop without being too harsh. The lens has a Nano coating that reduces flare and ghosting and enhances the clarity and contrast of the images. The lens performs well at all apertures, especially at f/4, where it delivers the best combination of sharpness and bokeh.

This lens has a great zoom range that I appreciate. It goes from 24mm to 120mm, which is a 5x magnification. Compared to my Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, which only has a 2.9x zoom, this lens gives me more flexibility and versatility for travel photography. I can capture more details and perspectives with the 120mm end than with the 70mm end. The 24-120mm range covers most of the situations I encounter when I travel, so I don't have to switch lenses often.

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