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Old Old ancient technology. Nikon D100

If you are looking for a digital SLR camera that delivers high-quality images, great compatibility and affordable price, you might want to consider the **Nikon D100**. The D100 is a 6-megapixel camera that has a compact and lightweight body, based on the Nikon F80. It has a low-noise CCD sensor, 3D Digital Matrix Image Control, built-in Speedlight with D-TTL flash control, five-area autofocus with dynamic AF operation, and a fast shutter speed of 1/4000 sec. The D100 also supports CompactFlash cards Type I and Type II, including IBM MicroDrive, and has a plug-and-play USB 1.1 interface for quick computer connection. You can also use various Nikon lenses and accessories with the D100, such as the optional Multi-Function Battery Pack MB-D100 that extends the shooting capability and adds a voice memo function. The D100 is still an excellent choice.

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