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Stepping back in TIME

Updated: Feb 5

For quite a while now I have been using mirrorless cameras, mainly Fujifilm. I had the chance to acquire a camera, that I had always desired, but could never afford, the Nikon D3s. My thoughts were confused, why would I want a 12 year

old camera that is big and heavy and has many fewer megapixels than the cameras I am currently using. I have always had a passion for machines, good machines, designed for a purpose and this is certainly one of those machines. Megapixels didn't matter as the pictures were great anyways and 12MP is certainly enough in most instances, although considered low by today's standards.

So why did I buy an ''obsolete'' camera? To prove to myself that MP and technology are not everything (even though the D3s is a technological marvel of its day). Could this camera compete with the cameras I am currently using.

To answer that question will be a several weeks project but from the images displayed here I am very positive that it can produce images that I can be proud of.

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