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Using Fujifilm cameras and lenses.

Generally, I have been both a Nikon and Canon camera user. Their gear was what I used and needed to do the work I was doing. I found totting them around was becoming increasingly difficult.

Big, heavy but beautiful pieces of machinery they were but the physical strength need to carry them around all day (every day) was beginning to elude me.

My search was on for a system that could match the system cameras and lenses that I had become so accustomed to.

Google become hot with my seraches to find a lighter weight camera system that would fit my requirements.

Sony initially seemed a logical choice with their new mirrorless system approach. Then I had th opportunity to buy a Fujifilm X100 from a friend and I loved the styling and the images it produced, one problem fixed lens.

The search was back on !! I needed interchangable lenses so I looked at the X Pro 1. and I was hooked. Loved the feel and design although it was a little quirky and its AF was not the fastest. I picked up a used one with 2 lenses and proceeded to use this for my street and travel work. So much lighter and easy to carry around all day and the JPEGS straight from the camera were great saving me lots of time in post processing. I really liked the design.

As I say the camera was a little quirky and you needed to learn how to use it. Its AF was a little slow (but improved via firmware later) but nothing that put me off and I soon learned to get around any ''problems'', and used correctly it was capable of excellent results.

The lenses I purchased with the camera XF 18-55 OIS and XF35mm f1.4 were just wonderfully sharp and contrasty lenses that fitted with the camera perfectly, they were joined latter by the much maligned XF 18mm f2.


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