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Will you be remembered when your gone.

The legacy of a photographer, much like any artist, is often preserved through the enduring impact of their work. Photography, as a form of art and expression, captures moments in time that speak to future generations, conveying emotions, experiences, and perspectives that transcend the temporal boundaries.

The photographs taken, the stories they tell, and the emotions they evoke can become part of the collective human experience.

Through exhibitions, publications, and digital archives, a photographer's work can continue to be discovered and appreciated long after they have left the proverbial 'darkroom in the sky.' Moreover, the influence on students, peers, and the photography community can ripple outward, perpetuating their artistic vision and approach.

In this way, the essence of a photographer's life and passion can be remembered and celebrated, ensuring that their contributions to the art of photography are not forgotten but continue to inspire and resonate. The true measure of a photographer's remembrance may not solely rest in the recognition of their name, but rather in the lasting significance of their work and its ability to connect with others across time and space.

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