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Protesters took to the streets of the Cambodian capital (2013) again after Sunday's march disputing Hun Sen's recent re-election as prime minister turned violent, leaving one dead and several more injured.

Roughly 1,000 demonstrators camped out overnight in Phnom Penh's Freedom Park and were joined on Monday morning by hundreds more calling for an independent investigation into voting irregularities that the opposition Cambodia National Rescue party claims may have cost them the election. ( there were definitely more than 1000 ).


Hun Sen's ruling Cambodian People's party won the July polls with 68 seats to the CNRP's 55, a vastly reduced majority but one that the opposition alleges was still biased in the CPP's favour.

The demonstrations presented a formidable challenge to Hun Sen's 28-year-reign, with many protesters openly angry and discussing their political opinions for the first time in a country where dissent has in the past been met with prison sentences.

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