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Cropping Allowed.

Cropping is a common technique in photography that allows you to adjust the composition, aspect ratio, and resolution of your image. It can help you remove unwanted elements, emphasize the main subject, or create a more dynamic framing. However, cropping also has some drawbacks, such as reducing the image quality, altering the perspective, or changing the original intention of the photographer. Therefore, it is generally advisable to crop in the camera whenever possible, meaning to compose your shot carefully before pressing the shutter button. This way, you can preserve the full resolution and quality of your image, as well as the authenticity and integrity of your vision.

However, there may be situations where cropping in the camera is not feasible or desirable, such as when you are shooting in a crowded or unpredictable environment, when you want to experiment with different formats or styles, or when you need to adapt your image to specific requirements or preferences. In these cases, cropping in post-processing can be a useful and creative tool to enhance your image and achieve your desired result. Therefore, cropping is allowed on a street photo, even though it may always be better to crop in the camera.

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