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Ian Kydd Miller

Ian Kydd Miller is a freelance photographer who has been passionate about capturing the world through his lens for over 40 years. He is currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he explores the diverse and vibrant culture of South East Asia. He also works with various NGOs to document their work and progress, and to bear witness to the truth as he sees it.

In this blog post, Ian shares his insights on how to be a truthful and ethical photojournalist in a world of complex and sometimes conflicting realities. He discusses the challenges and responsibilities of portraying different aspects of life in South East Asia, such as politics, poverty, inequality, and power. He also offers some tips on how to maintain integrity and consistency in his work, and how to avoid being misled or manipulated by others.

Ian believes that photography is not only a way of expressing himself but also a way of helping others. He hopes that his images can inspire people to learn more about the region and support the causes that he cares about. He invites you to follow his journey on his website, Flickr, and Instagram, where he regularly posts his latest photos and stories.

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