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Snobbery in Photography

Snobbery in photography is a common phenomenon that affects many amateur and professional photographers alike. It is the tendency to judge others based on their equipment, style, genre, or skill level, and to look down on those who do not meet one's own standards or preferences. Snobbery in photography can manifest in various ways, such as:

- Criticizing or mocking other photographers for using cheap, outdated, or unconventional gear, or for not having the latest and most expensive models. - Dismissing or ignoring other photographers who shoot different subjects or styles, such as landscapes, portraits, street, wildlife, abstract, etc., or who use different techniques, such as HDR, long exposure, black and white, etc. - Claiming or implying that one's own work is superior, original, or artistic, while others' work is inferior, derivative, or cliché. - Refusing to learn from or appreciate other photographers who have different perspectives, experiences, or backgrounds, or who belong to different cultures, communities, or groups. - Being arrogant, rude, or disrespectful to other photographers online or offline, especially when giving feedback, comments, or advice.

Snobbery in photography is not only harmful to the snobs themselves but also to the photography community as a whole. It creates a negative and hostile environment that discourages creativity, diversity, and collaboration. It prevents photographers from learning new skills, exploring new possibilities, and improving their craft. It also alienates potential audiences and customers who may not share the same tastes or opinions as the snobs. The best way to avoid snobbery in photography is to adopt a humble and open-minded attitude towards oneself and others. One should recognize that photography is a subjective and personal art form that can be enjoyed and appreciated in many different ways. One should also respect and celebrate other photographers' diversity and uniqueness and work. One should be willing to learn from and share with others who have different views and experiences. And most importantly, one should have fun and enjoy the process of creating and capturing images.

Photography is a beautiful hobby and profession that can bring joy, satisfaction, and connection to many people. It is not a contest or a status symbol. It is a way of seeing and sharing the world around us. There is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as it makes you happy and fulfilled.

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