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The Fuji XT2

The Fuji XT2 is a versatile mirrorless camera that can handle a variety of shooting scenarios, from landscapes to wildlife. One of the lenses that can complement the XT2 is the XF 24-80 f4, equivalent to a 36-120mm lens in full-frame terms. This lens offers a wide range of focal lengths, from wide-angle to telephoto, and a constant aperture of f4 throughout the zoom range. The lens also features optical image stabilization, weather resistance, and fast autofocus. The XF 24-80 f4 is ideal for travel photography, as it can cover most situations without having to change lenses. It can also produce sharp and contrasty images with pleasing colours and bokeh. The lens is not too heavy or bulky and balances well with the XT2 body. Some of the advantages of using the XF 24-80 f4 with the XT2 are:

- You can capture stunning landscapes with the wide end of the lens, such as the rugged and beautiful northern California coast.

- You can zoom in to isolate details or subjects, such as birds or flowers, with the telephoto end of the lens.

- You can use the lens in low-light situations, thanks to the image stabilization and the high ISO performance of the XT2.

- You can enjoy the fast and accurate autofocus of the XT2, which works well with the lens even in continuous mode.

- You can shoot in harsh weather conditions, as the lens and the camera are weather-sealed.

The XF 24-80 f4 is a versatile and reliable lens that can enhance the capabilities of the XT2. It is a great choice for photographers who want to travel light and capture a variety of subjects with one lens.

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