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Why buy a Nikon D800 in 2023

Why did I buy what many would consider an outdated camera the Nikon D800 in 2023? Well, there are several reasons why I decided to go for this old but still amazing DSLR. First of all, I love the image quality that the D800 delivers.

It has a 36-megapixel full-frame sensor that captures stunning details and colours. The dynamic range is also impressive, allowing me to recover shadows and highlights in post-processing. The D800 also has a robust and weather-sealed body that can withstand harsh conditions. I don't mind the weight or the size of the camera, as I find it comfortable to hold and operate. Secondly, I enjoy the simplicity and reliability of the D800. It has a straightforward and intuitive interface that lets me adjust the settings quickly and easily. It also has a fast and accurate autofocus system that rarely misses focus. The battery life is also excellent, lasting for hundreds of shots per charge.

The D800 does not have any fancy features like a touch screen, wifi, Bluetooth, or video capabilities, but I don't need them for my photography. I prefer to focus on the basics and the essentials of taking good photos. Thirdly, I appreciate the value and the history of the D800. It was one of the first DSLRs to break the 30-megapixel barrier and to challenge medium format cameras in terms of resolution. It was also a revolutionary camera released in 2012, offering unprecedented performance and quality for its price. The D800 has been used by many professional photographers for various genres and projects, proving its worth over time. It is a classic and a legend in the world of photography, and I am proud to own one.

In conclusion, I bought the Nikon D800 in 2023 because I love its image quality, simplicity, reliability, value, and history. It may be outdated and obsolete by some standards, but it is still a fantastic camera that suits my needs and preferences. It is not about having the latest or the best technology, but about having the right tool for the job and enjoying the process of photography and I got it used for an amazing price coupled with a few ''good'' lenses thrown in.

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