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DSLR's still relevant.

While the world of photography has seen a significant shift towards mirrorless cameras, DSLRs retain a loyal following and continue to hold their ground in certain aspects of photography. The robust build, extensive lens ecosystems, and superior battery life of DSLRs are some of the reasons they remain relevant even as we advance technologically. For instance, the Nikon D850 stands out with its high resolution and shooting speed, making it a favorite among professionals who require top-notch image quality and durability. Similarly, the Canon EOS 90D appeals to enthusiasts for its comprehensive features that rival those of mirrorless cameras while offering the familiar handling of a DSLR. It's important to note, however, that major manufacturers like Canon and Nikon are shifting their focus to mirrorless systems, which could affect the availability of new DSLR models and lenses in the future. Despite this, the existing DSLR models continue to deliver performance that satisfies both amateur and professional photographers, ensuring that DSLRs remain a significant part of the photography conversation.

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